Holidays are always celebrated with lot of meaning and gifts! In a firm too, it is only natural that the boss gifts his or her employees with gifts for the season. So here are some ideas you could consider when doing so.


A livelier workspace is an automatic motivator for just about any person. So as the employer if you want to make sure that you not only nail the motivation bar but also the gift bar, presenting your employees with office décor that they could display on their table would be ideal. It is not only something that is small but designing it right would also make sure that your message is sent across better than any corporate gifts singapore.

Travel gear

If you have employees who are always travelling from one place to another, gifting them with travelling gear would be meaningful and ideal for them. So, things like travel pillows, travel charging kits and such are some perfect gifts that would make up for such employees. Not only are they rather inexpensive but they would also be surely appreciated.

Everyday office tools

Although you realize it or not there are so many little things that we use in our day to day workplaces to get work done. So if you are looking for gift that would be used on a daily basis while also adding meaning to the employees that it is being gifted to, you could certainly consider office tools like complementary pens that are engraved and even penholders.

Gifting notebooks

There just might be employees in your staff that absolutely love notebooks and other interesting stationary. So gifting them these would be of great use to them while also not costing you much. However the catch here is to identify these employees and gift them such gifts otherwise you just might seem like Scrooge unwilling to spend money on his own employees!

Special coffee or tea

There is no one who doesn’t love either coffee or tea. And with the ranges of teas and coffees available today you can easily design a personalized yet neutral gift for your employees that simply love either of these two. You could also gift them a personalized mug to go along with it!

Mobile accessories

Today living without your phone or other technological gadgets is simply impossible. Thus making gifts of these type ideal for just about any person. Here you can gift headphones, Bluetooth speakers and such. Consider the above ideas and gift your employees with the perfect gifts to match their likings!