Rugs are not just decorative, they serve lots of purposes such as keeping your floor warm during cold weather, keep dirt and mud from entering your home, keep your feet dry after you have used the facilities, etc. Bigger rugs could also serve as additional seating area with pillows and bean bags. The uses for these rugs and how to decorate them are endless, that’s why they are a staple in every home.

Although they are a necessity to make every home cosy, there is one setback, and that is rugs often bunch, curl, slip and slide. Fortunately, there are various ways this could be prevented such as using:

Carpet Tape

Perhaps not the most advisable tool to keeping your carpet or rugs from sliding, it is still effective and easy to apply. One side of the sticky tape is adhered to the carpet or rug and the other side to the floor. However, you have to be wary when using it since it is not applicable and recommended to all types of rugs and floors.

If your rug is expensive and or an antique, best to use other methods to keep your rug from slipping because the adhesive might pull at the fibres and fabrics of the rug. If your floor is hardwood floors or any types of floor that would be damaged because of the adhesive, opt for another way as well.

Rug pad

A non-slip rug pad is an ideal way to secure your rugs because you don’t need to be wary about it damaging your rug or your floor. You only have to select one depending on the size, thickness, and type of non slip rug underlay. Rug pads vary and it is recommended that you know your rug size and where you would be placing it.

If you would place your rug where it would receive high amount of foot traffic, you should buy a thick rug pad that would not only keep your rug from slipping, it would also help absorb shock and noise. Thick rug pads should be used in the kitchen or dining room or any part of the home where you, your family and guests mostly convene. Thinner rug pads could be used in the bedroom while outdoor rug pads are to be used for outside rugs to keep the rug dry and to prevent mould and mildew from growing.

Hot glue or silicone caulking

Similar to carpet tape, not all rugs and floor could tolerate the adhesive hot glue or silicone caulking. They could however be used as temporary solution when you have not yet purchased a more permanent fix. However, you have to remember that when the rug adhered to the floor by hot glue or silicone caulking is placed in a busy area, the adhesive might not be enough to keep the rug in place and might leave a sticky residue on your floor.

When you choose the remedy to keep your rug from slipping, you have to make sure that it will not wreck your rug and floor. If you would be vacuuming your rug from time to time, you have to consider that the activity would not tug on the rug and destroy it.