Singapore is one of the most developed city states in the world with massive urbanization, a thriving and busy economy and modern infrastructure. Its residents enjoy high standards of living with access to great medical care, a wonderful education and a clean environment. All of this makes it a very attractive country to live in. However if you are planning to live in Singapore or you are have recently migrated there, then there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Solve storage problems by renting a storage unit

If you live in an apartment in Singapore, it is all but guaranteed that you will face storage issues. If you really can’t give away your belongings but have no space to keep them in your apartment, you can always rent out a self storage space singapore. Here you can rent a unit and store the belongings you may not need frequently but still want to keep around.

Pay heed to the Rules and Regulations (there are many).

Yes. The country has good law enforcement which covers more than just your typical crime. There are many rules and regulations in regards to pollution and if found breaking any of them you will be subjected to a fine or in extreme cases, you could serve jail time. So pay heed to its laws. Do some research and find out about the laws in effect and do your best to not break any of them. Many first time movers do not take Singapore’s regulations regarding pollution and littering seriously and they have a rude awakening when they are confronted by the Police. Do not be one of them.

Life here is not as expensive as people might make you believe

Yes, Singapore might be ranked by the Economist to be the most expensive city to live in but if you know how and where to spend your money, managing your finances will not be that tough at all. Yes, rent will take a good chunk of you income but with the balance money you can do a lot. Food in Singapore is generally delicious no matter where you get it from, whether it’s a Michelin star restaurant or just a street hawker. So talk to the locals and see where they eat. You might find some wonderful cheap restaurants to have meals at if you do this. Also if you are going to shop for groceries, head to the market. Super markets always have higher prices.

So life in Singapore will be a bit difficult but if you know what to do, and keep in mind the things above, hopefully it will be easier and more enjoyable.