In the fast-paced world of today, we don’t really have the time to get involved in any productive work at home because we are always busy with work, kids or other major obligations. DIY projects are a great way to make use of whatever little time you can find during the week to do something useful for the household and feel good about yourself. However, you must know exactly which you task you should and shouldn’t undertake because, investing resources on jobs that you aren’t exactly a pro at might prove to be a lot more disastrous than you’d expect it to be. We know that it is easy to get carried away with the whole “handy man” mentality and we are here to help you with that. In this article we will discuss about a few such potentially risky endeavors that you must avoid to prevent disappointment.

The plumbing works

You may have replaced a broken tap or replaced a bathroom tile a couple of times and that’s pretty cool. But pipework can be much more complicated than what meets the eye and any accidental damage to even a single component could lead to other issues that might even force you to invest on a complete renovation. That will be surprisingly expensive and no intelligent homeowner would need that kind of a burden. So, don’t perform any serious plumbing activities that you know are out of your span of capability. A professional equipped with the specialized tools such as pipeline stopper units, plungers, slip-joint pliers and basin wrenches will handle them for you and make sure you get the opportunity to take the next shower in peace.

Electricity is not to be messed with

Electrocution is a serious killer in households and workplaces around the world and every year more and more of these unfortunate incidents are reported. As a homeowner, it is perfectly okay to swap a light bulb or insulate a slightly broken electrical wire every now and then, but that should be it. In addition to the obvious rick of harming yourself, there’s also the potential danger that your family members might get exposed to as a result of your over confidence. Unless you hold a professional qualification related to electrical engineering (which is highly unlikely if you are an average home owner), leave the big stuff for the professionals who will keep you and your family safe and happy in a well illuminated home.

Stay off the roof

As a general rule of thumb, just avoid performing any activity in an elevated position inside or outside your residence. Falls from such places can cause serious bodily injuries and even death. Even if you do possess a ladder that’s tall enough, there is a lot more to performing roof repair work. Professionals will be equipped with hard hats, gloves and boots with the required level of grip to hold on to the surfaces and safety cables to prevent injury from falls. Therefore, leave such work to the pros and observe from a safe distance if you feel the urge to get involved.