Are you thinking of ways in which you can improve your performance and efficiency at designing? If that is the case, the solution to your problem may be easier than you think. However, it is important that you recognize the need for continuous growth and improvement so that you give yourself the opportunity to reach your maximum potential. Here are some easy ways in which you can improve your efficiency at designing.

Try to take quick measurements

If you want to get a quick measurement that is either linear or angular, there is no need for you to use the measurement tool in the solidworks simulation. You can just select the edges, vertices or the faces and take a look at the status bar. The measurements will generally be indicated there. However if the measurements that you need to take are more complicated than these, you will have to look in the measurement tool.

Use Mate References, it helps you speed up

If you have downloaded a model or even a part, say, for example a motor or a screw, add mate references in. it will take you a little extra time when you initially do this, but it is completely worth it because setting this up now will save you a lot of time down the line when you place the parts through snapping when you drag library or commercial parts into it. If you name your references you will be able to save more time.

The dynamic mirror

Using symmetry is something that you cannot dismiss when it comes to designing. The easiest as well as the fastest way to add in symmetric elements in any sketch is to use the Dynamic Mirror Entities command. If you reenter the sketch at any point the command will no longer be applied. You will need to reselect it manually. The command acts like the normal mirror command works but I addition to it the command creates the symmetric elements and also applies a symmetric constraint.

The Tab to Hide feature

This is without a doubt one of the most powerfully awesome features that are there. The Tab to Hide feature will allow you to hide components that are in the assembly quickly and also easily. But if you are dealing with something that is a multi-body part like a weldment for example, this feature will not work on them. If you want to try this out, hold the Tab button down and while you do that swipe the mouse cursor over the components that you want to hide. Every single component that the cursor moves over will immediately be hidden. If this is a little tough for you simple select all the components that you want hidden and tap on the Tab key to hide them.